The Peek Team

In the role of lecturer at Wageningen University, Teun Vogel felt the relevance of developing Peek as innovation to improve the quality of education while keeping up with a large and growing group of students. Besides his work at WUR, Teun is on board at Peek to form the link between the development of Peek and the implementation of field trips or excursions.

Anton Pijl is trip designer at Peek. He has spent most of the past 7 years in Italy, being affiliated to the University of Padova. Apart from his research work in Geography, he has dedicated much time to teaching and supervision of students. At Peek, he pursues his strong drive for promoting down-to-earth thinking and hands-on learning.

Lara Reuter is trip designer at Peek. She has a background in geography and research at several European universities. She also has experience in education, and a passion for sharing awareness about the environment among the younger generation. She loves the outdoors and exploring new trip ideas.

Gerwald van de Munt has been active in online communications and development since 2009. Within Peek he works on project management and marketing and communications. Together with schools and other customers he is always looking for innovation and an optimal implementation of the app. 

Eric Mulder is a geek and developer specialized in Usability and User Interaction design for apps and websites. As the technical lead he is responsible for the development of the app and website. Eric is also co-owner of the digital agency Label Vier.

Vincent Ariëns obtained his master’s degree in communication studies in 2010. At that time he had already been working for two years as one of the first online community managers in the Netherlands. Since then he likes to focus on the user-friendliness of online applications and is always looking for the ultimate ‘journey’ of the user through a website or app. In addition to his work for Peek, he is co-owner of the digital agency Label Vier.