Looking back: Sharing knowledge in the community at the Peek User Day

At the first Peek User Day, which was organized at Wageningen University & Research, we thought about good excursions and how Peek’s software can support this (even better).

Peek organized the User Day to stay in close contact with the end user. We also find it valuable if different schools and institutions meet each other around field work and excursions, and can exchange knowledge and experiences.

During the afternoon (15.00h-17.30h) the participants first received a short update about Peek. Where are we now, after a few years? Three lecturers also presented their excursion and we heard more about involving students in such field trips. After the presentation of the Excursion of the Year award, we discussed the Road Map for software development and plans for the future. After an interactive brainstorming session, we concluded with a drink.

Excursion of the Year Award

The ‘Excursion of the Year’ award was presented for the first time this year. The winner of 2022: Mahrooz Rezaei of Wageningen University & Research with her bicycle excursion ‘Hydrology and Meteorology of Urban areas’ in Wageningen. The challenge cup, a miniature statue of Gert Peek (to whom Peek owes its name), is allowed on her desk for a year. Congratulations!

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Brainstorm, drinks and bites

Peek’s team also presented the Road Map, which includes plans for the coming period. What new functionality do we want to add to the software?

During a brainstorming session, all participants were able to think along and make decisions. The existing plans of the road map could be prioritized and you could also submit new ideas. The enthusiastic group of participants has again provided us with good ideas.