Podwalk app for education: Peek

Are you in search of a podwalk app to enhance your educational experience? With the Peek app, you can effortlessly embark on an audio journey at the location of your preference, immersing yourself in educational stories.

Peek stands as the premier app for educational excursions, designed to elevate the learning experience. You can easily plot GPS points on a map, and integrate dynamic assignments, informative content, or gamified challenges. Your students see in the app where they need to go, and on location they have the experience that you have prepared.

Add an extra dimension to your excursion with video or audio

The distinctive aspect of Peek lies in its location-based content, compelling your students to physically visit specific places. In essence, this ensures meaningful learning experiences where it truly counts. Imagine the delight of receiving insights about the surrounding vegetation at a precise location, complemented by the ability to observe the same area in a different season. Moreover, our excursion creators frequently enhance the learning journey by incorporating videos or podcasts, providing an added layer of depth to the educational experience.

Podwalk app - overview of locations audiotour

Peek as a Podwalk app

In Peek, you can easily add audio files to your excursion. This can be done with self-recorded audio files that you place within your excursion. Additionally, the Peek app features the Spotify player, allowing you to seamlessly create a podwalk within the Peek app.

Podwalk app Peek - Spotify

How does a podwalk work in Peek?

As a user, you can see on the map which locations you can visit. Upon reaching a location, you can optionally read more information about the site and, in addition, listen to the podcast that the excursion creator has prepared for you. This way, users not only find themselves at precisely the right location, but they can also explore their surroundings while listening to what you (or, for example, a stakeholder) have to share—and possibly be alerted to something they hadn’t noticed before.

Podwalk app Peek - Audio file

Create your own Podwalk with Peek

Curious about the possibilities and eager to get started on your own? Easily craft your own excursion or audio tour in My Peek. Reach out to us to set up your (free) account!