Peek and ISMEA Expand Italian Agricultural Tours

Peek and ISMEA are taking new steps in their collaboration in Italy. ISMEA is a governmental agency for the agricultural sector in Italy with the goal of increasing attention to agricultural areas. Together with Peek, they organize innovative and appealing excursions for students in these agricultural areas.

ISMEA cooperates with the European Commission and the Italian National Rural Network, ‘Rete Rurale Nazionale’.

Last year, ISMEA and Peek conducted an initial pilot. ISMEA already had access to various data collected in all their target areas. Together with ISMEA, other collaborating parties, and stakeholders in the area, Peek’s Trip Designers organized a challenging excursion. In doing so, the Trip Designers not only provided support to ISMEA staff but also contributed knowledge and experience to make the excursion attractive and suitable for the target groups. This excursion was then offered to secondary schools.

Following the successful pilot, the collaboration is now continuing. In the spring and summer of 2024, Peek will develop and organize three more excursions in three new areas in Italy. The entire process will be guided by Peek’s Trip Designers, in close collaboration with ISMEA experts.

Read more on the website of Rete Rurale Nazionale.

Trip Designer Anton at the presentation of the initial pilot in Bologna, September 2023.