Peek 4.0: highlights of the new app

In the upcoming days, we will be releasing a new version of the Peek app. This comes with some updates to My Peek as well. In this article, we will provide more information about the major changes in the app. We hope that you are just as excited as we are!

Overview of the new functions:

  • Rotating screen function in the app
  • Test modus’ to test an excursion from behind your desk
  • Clear submissions in My Peek (and download all pictures in one time)
  • Upload multiple pictures in app
  • Better overview in History of Questions
  • Add unit to measurement guess
  • Red notification dot in app if new questions appear
  • Location accuracy visualizer
  • Lots of UX improvements

Rotating screen function

The basic design of Peek has always been in ‘Landscape’ mode: holding your mobile device horizontally. This worked well for the map and design, contributing to the ‘game feel’ we aim to enhance with Peek. However, we received feedback from users that a vertical ‘Portrait’ mode would be more comfortable when answering questions. So, as they say, done and done: in all question and answer screens, you can now rotate your screen – and the app will remember which position you prefer.

In the app you will find the button at the top right.

Test modus

To answer a question in the Peek app, you really have to be at the location your teacher has specified. This has many advantages, and we firmly believe that it contributes to the successful education provided with Peek. However, if you want to test an excursion, that can sometimes be challenging. But voila: in My Peek, from now on you can easily put an excursion in ‘test mode.’ You can then open the excursion in the Peek app and click on the locations you want to view on the map. All from behind your desk!

You can find this feature in the bottom left corner in My Peek.
You can find this function for each excursion in the bottom left corner in My Peek.

Clear submissions in My Peek

Simple: in My Peek, you (as a teacher) can now delete the results of an excursion. Useful for cleaning up test results, for example.

Upload multiple pictures in app

Submitting a photo as an answer to a question was already possible in Peek. One photo per question, that is. In Peek 4.0, it is now possible to add multiple photos!

Add ‘unit’ to measurement guess

The ‘measurement guess’ (or estimation question) has become infamous in Peek. How much water flows through this waterfall per minute? Or: how many people can fit on this square during an event? Or the classic: how tall is this tree? As you can see, the units vary quite a bit. In practice, we noticed that excursion builders sometimes forgot to include the unit in the question. Therefore, in Peek 4.0: a new field in My Peek, making it clear in the app what type of answer is required!

Red notification dot in app if new questions appear

Not that exciting, but just a nice new feature: in the ‘Questions’ section of the app, you now see a red dot when there are active questions. Handy if you switch back to the map from the question or answer screen, or if you have multiple locations nearby.

The red dot appears on the ‘Questions’ button and indicates you can open a new question.

Location accuracy visualizer

How accurate is your GPS signal, exactly? Useful to know when you’re in the field. The circle around your location now indicates the accuracy of the signal.

Lots of UX improvements

A brief paragraph to conclude the overview… but know that our UX hero Vincent has spent hours pondering over this to ensure a perfect user experience! Because we actually find that most important. Seamless use by students and teachers – of any age. Update the app and discover what we’ve improved!