New: live dashboard for Peek excursions

We’re excited to release a new feature for Peek: a live dashboard for field trips! On the dashboard, teachers and other stakeholders can view the results of an excursion live.

This live dashboard is the next step in professionalizing the output of excursions. The dashboard provides a basic option to view the input of participants per question: estimates, photos, multiple choice question answers and of course the answers to open questions.

Innovation at WUR

The live dashboard for Peek was presented for the first time on 30 September at the opening of the new Aurora building at Wageningen University & Research.

The new education building sets a new standard for the WUR. It will ensure Wageningen University & Research remains at the forefront as an innovative and sustainable educational institution. Peek was asked to present one of those innovations to the invitees.

Presentation Peek live dashboard at Aurora

Acces to live dashboards

For now, the feature is only available as premium functionality within licenses. Ask us about the possibilities.