New: custom maps in Peek

Peek wants to serve users with increasingly better and more extensive maps. Suitable for your course or excursion. To make this possible, we will soon start working with maps from OpenStreetMap (OSM).

Basic map layers

At this moment, Peek works with Google maps. These load quickly and work great. However, it is more difficult to add custom map layers to this. That’s why we offer three basic layers in Peek: standard, satellite and terrain.

In version 3.0 (see Changelog) of Peek, OpenStreetMap will be introduced for all users. The normal use of the app during excursions does not change: the well-known map layers are still available.

Custom maps and map layers

Special maps can offer a lot of added value for specific excursions. Think, for example, of showing contour lines on a geographical map. Or showing a historical map, so that you can compare situations from the past with the present. Or highlight specific elements in a custom map, matching the focus of your excursion.

This update in Peek 3.0 makes this possible. With this step, Peek wants to support education at universities and schools even better with high-quality maps, with details that are relevant to your specific excursion.

Roll-out of the custom maps in Peek

A number of standard custom maps will be available soon. Are you curious about the possibilities for your excursion, or do you have specific suggestions? Then let us know, we really appreciate your input!