Immediate feedback during your student excursion trip: here’s how

The feedback option in the Peek app is a great way to educate your user directly, right on the spot. In this blog we explain why you should not forget this possibility when you create a student excursion trip.

The Peek app gives you the option to show users information on location during their student excursion trip. You can also challenge them with questions and assignments: for example a multiple choice question, or a measurement question: what is the distance from you to a certain object?

The Peek software gives you the option to indicate what is a correct and what is an incorrect answer. In this way a user gets direct feedback on the given answers. But you can also give your users feedback on open questions, or on questions where the user has to take a picture. Why that is also relevant? We will explain in this blog.

How does the feedback work?

Let’s take the question ‘How high is that tree (in meters)’? As a teacher, you can tell the app that every answer between 10 and 12 meters is correct. Does a student enter 11 meters? Then he immediately sees that the answer is correct. Does a student enter 13 meters? Then you indicate that the answer is wrong, but you can explain how to make a right calculation.

Apply new knowledge immediately

Get involved in the learning curve of your student by giving personal feedback. There is nothing you learn more from than from making a mistake. Especially if you get the chance to try it again immediately. Take the example above in a student excursion trip. The student gives the wrong answer, and you teach your student in the feedback how he can easily estimate and calculate how high a tree is. Ask him the same question 100 meters ahead, at another tree. How satisfying is it if the student gets it right this time?

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Immediate feedback during your student excursion trip
Happy students during an excursion with the Peek app

Build information (and knowledge) in layers in your student excursion trip

The ability to place multiple questions in one location, combined with the option to provide immediate feedback, gives you the ability to layer information to the user.

Let’s give you an example.

  1. At a certain location in your student excursion trip, you give the student very limited information about the environment.
  2. Then you ask a difficult multiple-choice question, for example about vegetation that is visible. High chance of a wrong answer!
  3. Only in the feedback screen you explain what the student should pay attention to – for example certain soil characteristics.
  4. Now you ask a similar question again. Good answer, this time!

This gives your student a good feeling, and you can explain exactly how it works in the feedback screen.

Feedback in app for student excursion trips
An example of feedback in the Peek app

Feedback on open question or pictures

As we mentioned before, we always give our users the tip to also give feedback on input on open questions. Or for questions where you have to upload a photo.

The software cannot automatically recognize whether this answer is right or wrong, and often it is not about right or wrong. Still, as a user of the app it is nice to receive confirmation that an answer has been submitted.

Even ‘feedback’ in the form of ‘Great, good photo! You can now move on to the next assignment’ gives a sense of confirmation (and pride), and challenges you to take the next step. It doesn’t have to be more extensive than that. Just a little confirmation – or a pat on the back.

You have read the whole blog, great job! 🙂 Would you like to read more practical tips for your excursion? Also check our FAQ!