How it works

Peek is a simple but intelligent app that helps you organize effective and efficient excursions even with growing numbers of students. It works like a game but it contains many additional educational features … it is where didactic meets gamification.

“By using Peek our student numbers can grow forever. The app guides them into the field, while we can focus on what we want: educating the students at important locations”

Teacher Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

How it works for teachers

  • Gamification of your course
  • An innovate solution for distant learning and increasing student numbers
  • Set up digital field trips for groups or individual students
  • Tailor-made field trip in the app: relief and ease of mind
  • Create (sets of) questions at any specific location
  • Choose between open questions, multiple choice or measurement guesses (which can be timed) and photo uploads
  • Give instant feedback for right or wrong answers
  • Easily export all results/scores to Excel

How the app works