Five reasons why your university should do excursions differently

Education is changing in many ways. Developments and changes to online education are going fast, and the COVID-19 crisis is driving this even more. At various universities, Peek contributes to the innovation of outdoor education, in fieldwork and excursions. In this article we mention five important factors in the transition of education during university excursions.

1. Students have high expectations of tools

Students use high-end software every day for everything they do. Discover, listen and share music via Spotify. Workout in Strava. Connecting with each other and teachers via WhatsApp, socials, Teams, whatever.

Then why would you navigate with Google Maps during your excursion, and complete your teacher’s assignments on a damp A4 sheet on the back of your fellow student?

The Peek app brings all the hassle of an excursion together in one handy app. Instructions from your teacher, route directions, and of course all assignments. With all results stored on one platform.

2. Groups of students are growing in university excursions

…and the range of duties of teachers is expanding.

It can sometimes be a challenge to properly supervise a group of students when you are in the field. You have to make sure that the group stays together, that everyone knows what is expected of them, and that everyone remains motivated.

As the groups get bigger, that challenge only increases. Every teacher will recognize it: you are sometimes too busy with all the practical matters, and you hardly get to good education.

Peek takes all practical matters off your hands, so that you as a teacher can do what is important to you: teaching and enthusing students.

3. Data data data

Have all students completed the assignments? And have they really been on location? This is difficult to check with a stack of 100 completed sheets. Let alone an analysis of all data: that still requires a lot of manual work.

In Peek, every assignment entered comes directly into the teachers dashboard. Moreover, you can easily make an export of all results, which you can then edit and analyze in Microsoft Excel, PowerBI or another program.

4.  Get more out of the students by letting them create excursions

Excursions are often primarily aimed at letting students learn. To understand, to analyze and to evaluate information. But why not go a step deeper, and let the students create themselves?

The ‘Peek Plus’ package makes it possible for students to create and build their own excursions in My Peek. This stimulates students to really apply and process the knowledge they have gained, and thus take the step to a higher order of thinking skills.

5. Gamification of education: Game elements motivate students

New techniques and insights provide opportunities for all students to optimally carry out the excursion. In this way, learning during the excursion is not reserved for only the most motivated students.

Game elements provide more interaction and a deeper reflection on the content of the course. We see it happen with Peek on every excursion: students feel challenged and take up the challenge with great enthusiasm.