Frequently asked questions

Trouble? We’ve answered a number of frequently asked questions to help you out! Use the categories below to navigate to the related page.

Creating a field trip
Questions about the app
Support for teachers

We have also created a few videos to explain the options in My Peek. Check out our video’s in English or Dutch.

General questions

You will receive an email from Peek with your first log-in code. You can login by using the button ‘My Peek’ in the upper right corner. When logging in for the first time, you can add your personal details. Remember your log-in, as you may need them for other courses in the future.

Users of Wageningen University & Research are able to login with their WUR account.

That is very simple: above all let them download the app (in the stores or via the links on our homepage) and share your field trip code, to be found on top of the page of your field trip. After that they can do the same trip. In conclusion: the field trip code is what you need.

In the bottom right corner of this website and My Peek you’ll find a chat box which can answer your questions. If no one from the Peek team is available we will send you our reply via email as soon as possible. Because help during a trip is very important, contact us as soon as possible when a problem occurs. After that we will help you as soon as possible.

You can find the field trip code in My Peek in the overview of your trips, as well as in the trip, above in the screen.

Creating a Field Trip

If you want participants to share a description of the picture as well, add a second (open) question to the location.

Yes, you can! A very nice feature to include storytelling in your trip, e.g. by staff members, you, or stakeholders from the area! So while creating a field trip think about this. You can either directly upload files using the “Add Media” button, or link to an external player (keeping in mind the data consumption for the students, roughly 35 MB/1 min of video streaming). 

Yes, you can by adding a hyperlink to your text. Select a part of your text which is referring to the URL. After that click the hyperlink symbol above the text box and add the URL.

Yes! Instead of pressing the ‘Add location’ button when you are finished with the first question, you need to press ‘Add question’ in order to be able to add multiple questions to one location.

Yes! There is a variety of different icons for locations to choose from available in the editor. See the image below for the different icon types.

To add a picture to your question, you can simply use the “Add Media” button, or paste a link to a picture that you uploaded e.g. on Dropbox or Imgur.

When you have finished a question, you can press the ‘Add location’ button at the bottom of your screen.

On the ‘create field trip’ page, check the box that says: work with multiple users on this trip. Now you can press the button ‘Add collaborator’ and you will be able to enter the e-mail address of the person you want to add to the field trip. 
Note: If you want to add someone to your field trip, make sure they have a MyPeek account.

Before creating a field trip, log in. If logged in, head to My Peek. After that click: ‘Create a new field trip’. Choose your course in the drop-down menu (otherwise your lecturer cannot see your trip!) and you’re ready to start. Use the tutorial on the next pages to learn where you can find which buttons. 

Under ‘Locations’, you can start adding locations by either clicking on the map, or by using the search bar using an address or lat/long coordinates. Use the drop-down button in the top-left corner to add the location info, and switch to the ‘Questions’ tab for adding questions. Once you are done with your location, simply use the ‘Add location’ button to continue growing your excursion!

Note: When copying coordinates from another source, make sure that they you use a comma as a separator (for example: 52.1762262,5.4104594)

After creating your field trip, select your field trip in My Peek and click ‘submissions’. 

Yes, this is one of the reasons why we developed Peek: you can easily export all the results to Excel so you can give feedback to the results that have been submitted by the participants. Want to discuss some of the questions with them in a lecture afterwards? No problem, you can review all the answers given!

Yes, to avoid a slow app and to ensure that all data can be processed properly. Our experience is that actually all excursions stay within this margin. However, the formula for this is as follows:

(amount of questions*8) + (amount of locations*6) = <3000

Some examples:

  • 10 locations with 2 questions each: 220 ✅
  • 10 locations with 10 questions each: 860 ✅
  • 20 locations with 10 questions each: 1720 ✅
  • 20 locations with 20 questions each: 3320 ❌

Peek can show video and audio files from YouTube and Spotify in the app, as well as audio files that you have uploaded in My Peek.

The url to the video or audio file must be on its own line. The app then recognizes it as a media file and ensures that a player is visible in the app.

Here you will write the text the participant will see after answering the question. The way you fill it in, depends on the type of question. This is further explained by the placeholder text in the field. 

Select this type of question when you just want to give information at a certain location, for example when you want participants to go to a lecturer or take a break. You can also share a URL here, or add a file like an image or an audio fragment. 

Select this type of question when you want participants to make an estimate of something. You can add the minimum/maximum range of correct answers in the ‘answer’ section. 
You can also select this type of question when you want the participant to make an accurate measurement. The only thing you will need to adjust is the possible answer range, so that the minimum and maximum range are equal.

Select this type of question when you want to ask participants a question where they can select from the answer possibilities. You can add the possible answers yourself by clicking the ‘Answer’ section and then clicking ‘Add answer’ button. After that you can check the box behind the right answer. It is also possible to add feedback for correct and wrong answers. 

Select this type of question when you want participants to upload a picture of something, for example a certain tree. If you want the participants to upload multiple pictures, add multiple questions to one location.

Select this type of question when you ask participants a question that requires an open answer. They can write anything in the ‘Answer’ box. In this case, only generic feedback is possible.

In general, you can ask open questions, multiple choice and estimation questions (with a certain given range of correct and wrong answers). But you can also share links on a specific location, or provide text with information, or show a picture. Inserting video/audio from a file or external website is also possible (keeping in mind the data consumption for the students, roughly 35 MB/1 min of video streaming).

Support for teachers

Yes, we are here to help you. For a fixed price we help you develop the trip and we willy fully support you from developing the trip in the app to support during the trip. 

Yes, we are here to help you. Support for teachers is available. The days and weeks before the field trip, we will answer your questions within 24 hours. During the field trip, a live help desk is available via phone and email. Details will be communicated during our intake. 

Yes, you can send a student or a group in the field at certain fixed times. In this way you can also give a student the freedom to go whenever he/she wants. You don’t have to be there to guide them, so let them choose themselves!

Yes, it is!

Usually, we first set up an intake with the course staff and someone from Peek to find out what the role of Peek will be in the course. Afterwards, the trip will be developed by both parties and will be fully implemented in the app by the Peek team. Alternatively, you can also implement the trip into the app yourself. After testing the trip in the field, the Peek team will alterations in the trip if necessary. During the trip, Peek will be available for help and afterwards we can help you to export the results so you can present them to the participants. 

If you think frequently asked questions are missing, please contact us.