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The excursion app Peek takes over the function of guide on your field trip or excursion. As a result, your excursion becomes a lot more interactive, and you as a teacher can give time and attention to providing good education.

How does the excursion app work?

As a teacher, you can prepare an excursion for your students in the ‘My Peek’ environment. You select GPS locations on a map and prepare questions, assignments or information at these locations. In text, photos, audio and video.

Your students open the Peek app and navigate to the points you have prepared. Alone, in pairs or in groups. When they get close to a location, the question pops up in the app. Students often compare the experience with Geo caching. View some examples of excursions on the Field trip cases page.

Interactive education during your excursion

While you keep the total overview of the group, your students are busy with their assignments. Multiple choice questions, measurement questions, open questions, comparison between different map layers: the excursion app challenges them and provides immediate feedback on the answers given.

Excursion app: analyze the results

The answers your students give in the app are of course saved. Do you give them photo assignments? These can also be viewed afterwards. In an online dashboard, including an export functionality for Excel. This gives you, as a teacher, insight into the results of your excursion. And why not introduce a competitive element by linking a reward to these results?

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