Case: The AHN on-site and the secrets of the Ginkelse Hei (Ede)

What would you see if you could remove all heather from the Ginkelse Hei? What would come to the surface and what would this tell us about the history of the area? In this trip, the students of Wageningen University & Research dive into the secrets of the Ginkelse Hei, using the AHN on-site and learning to see the invisible.

Landscape Geography: seeing more than you can see with the AHN on-site

The elevation model (height map) of The Netherlands; the ‘Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland’ (AHN) has been updated recently and is available as open source data online.

In this trip, students were taken to the Ginkelse Hei near Ede and learned about geography and even landscape archaeology in the area. As the area is covered with heather, with limited human interference in the past centuries, the history of the area can be reviewed greatly by looking at the filtered elevation models.

Ginkelse Hei, Ede, Netherlands

Course: Landscape Geography

40 students

A refugee camp and old horse tracks

What comes to the surface if you would remove all the heather in the area?

When you look at the maps during this tour you will discover amazing historic things that you would never have seen by just looking around you.. What about old horse tracks, or remnants of a refugee camp of WW1?

Enjoy the trip!

AHN on site
What are these features in the landscape..?

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