Case: Tasting sea weeds at Rammekens

The students of HZ University of Applied Sciences were taken outside by their lecturers to be taught about marine water systems around Fort Rammekens. What do all these water systems look like, and what how can these be recognized?

Marine Water systems around Fort Rammekens

The area around Fort Rammekens is relatively unknown but has various interesting Points of Interest with respect to marine water systems. The area has sweet water as well as salty and brackish water bodies, resulting in aboveground and superficial water fluxes resulting in different ecosystems in a relatively small area.

During the trip, the students learned about the different marine water systems in the area and how they can recognize the differences. They had to draw the management type in the sand along the sea and make a picture of their drawing. Also, they were asked to eat a special delicacy of the area produced by the marine system: sea weeds.

Fort Rammekens, Vlissingen, NL

Course: Marine Water Systems

30 students

Tides and weeds

In this field trip, the students were asked to think about the tide at the moment of the field trip and the effects of tidal waves on the water systems in the area. They were asked to look for sea weeds and were challenged to try to eat it while making a selfie.. The results speak for themselves..

A selfie shared by a student as a proof of him eating sea weed.

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