Case: self-guided campus tour Wageningen University

This year, Wageningen University & Research decided to offer new students a self-guided campus tour with the Peek app. Not only because of COVID-19 restrictions, but also to give potential students the opportunity to explore the campus in their own time.

In addition to the regular guided tours in groups and a digital tour that you can do from home, the self-guided tour is a nice addition. The recruitment team explains on the website and also made this short video:

Self-guided campus tour with app

The students request access to the app on the university’s website. By then using the received access code in the app, they unlock the different locations that have been set up on campus.

self guided campus tour

When the students arrive at a location, they are shown a video, audio clip or other information. Or they are challenged to a fun challenge!

Campus, Wageningen, NL

Student recruitment

Unlimited students

Follow up for interested students

This is an interesting way for the student recruitment and communication departments to get in touch with potential students. The app makes it possible to gain an (anonymised) view of the places of interest of students.

You can also send students from the app to a landing page on your own website. There you can reward them and of course offer them extra information or a follow up.

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