Case: Roaming around in the Millingerwaard

Students like to get the freedom to roam around during field trips. Normally, this is not really easy as a teacher cannot be at 85 places at the same time. With Peek, students can get the freedom they want. And they like it!

Restoration ecology in the Millingerwaard

The 120 students were taken to the Millingerwaard by buses – of course adhering to the covid-19 regulations. Here, they received the code for the app that took them to multiple geo locations in the nature area. Various assignments were given to them, like doing water quality measurements across the area, and climbing up on the highest dune of the area.

During the trip, the students learned about Restoration Ecology in the area and the different management types that can be taken into consideration.

Millingerwaard, The Netherlands

Course: Restoration Ecology

100+ students

Scavenger hunt: finding vortex tracks

In this field trip, the students were asked to find vortex tracks (Dutch: vraatsporen) of the Dutch beaver in the Millingerwaard. They got this assignment at specific locations in the app and were asked to upload a picture of these vortex tracks to convince their lecturers. The result was a scavenger hunt of all these students with their phones. In the end, we’re all like kids – hunting for such activities brings enjoyment to our faces..

Are these vortex tracks of a beaver? An uploaded picture by one of the students of Restoration Ecology .

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