Case: raising public awareness of landscape value in Italy

ISMEA is a government agency for the agricultural sector in Italy. One of their goals is to increase attention for agricultural areas. They cooperate with the European Commission and the Italian National Rural Network; ‘Rete Rurale Nazionale’. Together with these and other parties, Peek has facilitated a pilot to allow pupils/students to discover the beauty of the countryside.

A first-time introduction

This trip was a debut of the Peek app in northwestern Italy, and also one of the first trip for high-school students. The idea was initiated by the ISMEA institute, as part of their mission for landscape awareness nationwide (more on that below).

The lucky pilots of this debut were groups of students from the Gae Aulenti high school in Biella (Piemonte, Italy). Why lucky…? Well, for those who don’t know: Piemonte is the home of risotto!

Rovasenda: full of history and (agri)culture

Rice production is indeed one of the main activities of this landscape. But more than just agriculture, it is also an important part of the history and culture of Rovasenda.

The students used the Peek app as an interactive guide to discover all these elements, by answering questions, uploading pictures, and studying the landscape. Who knew that you could find so much biodiversity in an agricultural landscape!

Public awareness of landscape value

Bordering the rice fields of Rovasenda, there are numerous vineyards on the foothills of the Alps. In fact, this country is full of unique cultural landscapes, each with their own story.

The ISMEA institute is dedicated to raise public awareness of landscape value, such as the rice fields of Rovasenda. They work with environmental protection agencies around Italy to create trips such as this one for students or even tourists. Team Peek is proud of to be part of this adventure!

Read more on the website of Rete Rurale Nazionale.