Case: How high is that tree? Work on your estimation skills

Imagine a farmer telling you the size of her field is 50 acres. Do you have a feeling for such a size of land? It feels big, but how big is one acre actually? How does it compare to hectares? Train your estimation skills with the Peek app.

Estimating can be seen as an important skill, but estimation skills are hardly ever trained. In this excursion, which is presented as a game, students learn more about estimating, well, anything: discharges, elevation, distances, sizes.

Estimation skills in the Arboretum

The Arboretum in Wageningen is a perfect place for a game like this. Students can roam around freely and as a result, you can see groups of students everywhere, running to new locations with new questions.

After arriving at a location, questions can pop up like:

  • “What is the height of this tree?”
  • “What is the size of this grass field you are standing on?”
  • “What is the elevation of this slope?”

In this way, students are trained in estimating, but also become familiar with these units. They get a feeling with a unit like L/s (litres per second) or an acre.

Arboretum, Wageningen, NL

Course: Design in International Land and Water Management 1

60 students

Pressure cooker for estimation skills

Besides learning about estimating various units, students are also taught other skills:

Discussion skills: only one answer can be given per group.

Decision making: the answer has to be given quick, as the points per question go down per second.. A quick decider can score most points!

The students run around for about 1,5 hours and the results are communicated afterwards: who has won the special prize which can help them to improve their final output of the course..?

“How high is that tree?” Source: Resource (2019).

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